Lawn Care

Outsourcing Lawn Care saves you time and money


Four reasons why hiring someone to cut your lawn,

is more cost effective than you may think.


#1 – Efficiency

Professionals like us, have the resources to purchase high-end equipment, which allows us to mow your lawn more effectively. Instead spending 3-4 hours a week mowing your lawn, with our commercial equipment, we can complete the job in a fraction of the time.


This gives you more time to focus on your life, your family, and enjoying your yard.



#2 – Consistency

When you hire someone to mow your yard, you don’t have to worry about finding time in your busy schedule to ensure your lawn stays a comfortable length. Sleider Lawn Care offers both weekly and bi-weekly cutting to ensure your lawn stays the length you want it.


#3 – Aesthetics

Using commercial equipment allows for the perfect cut every time. No worry about dull blades, uneven cuts, missed spots, or clipping clumps. When you outsource your lawn mowing, your lawn gets consistent regular care. This will create healthier and beautiful!




#4 – Cost Effective

Hiring someone to mow your lawn means no lawn mower maintenance, no sharpening or changing blades, no replacing expensive equipment, and so on. Having someone else worry about all of the maintenance for lawn equipment saves you money!


Maintenance is extremely important for lawn cutting equipment and not cheap. Handing off your mowing to Sleider Lawn Care means we do all of that and you simply enjoy your beautiful yard.



As you get ready for spring, consider whether or not sweating in the sun cutting your lawn during the summer months is for you.

Sleider Lawn Care would love to help.


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